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Announcing the "Les Young Writers' Award"

In memory of a life dedicated to the Australian Thoroughbred

Leslie “Les” Young dedicated his life to the Australian thoroughbred, his passion ran deep within him from a very young age. His sudden death in December 2019 saddened the industry with a feeling of disbelief, that our pedigree stalwart was no longer around. 

The NSW breeding and racing community was lucky to have Les as part of the state’s journalist team. A highly regarded writer he captured many great stories with his encyclopedic knowledge of the thoroughbred, his articles were portrayed with honesty and integrity while Les retained a huge loyalty towards his state’s greatest champions. 

Thoroughbred Breeders’ NSW President and board are proud to announce, “The Les Young Writers’ Award” acknowledging not only Les’s passion for the horses, but also for the people of our great industry who quite literally became his “family.” 

Les was ever encouraging and humble to younger generations and newcomers to the breeding industry, offering advice and knowledge generously to anyone who was keen to learn more.

TBNSW’s board feels, “The Les Young Award” is a great way to honor Les Young and keep his passion alive, continue his legacy of encouraging aspiring journalists. Amateur writers who share Les’s passion for the industry are invited to write articles about the NSW thoroughbred, articles will be selected by the TBNSW board for publication in the quarterly NSW Breeders’ Update Magazine, on TBNSW website and shared through social media. 

This annual award is open to anyone interested in the thoroughbred to submit articles year-round, whether they work in the industry or are a hobbyist breeder, owner or trainer, we welcome you to join in and share your passion. In September at the NSW Breeders’ Awards, finalists will be announced with the winner receiving $500, and a perpetual trophy that will carry the names of each year’s winners and honoring the memory of one of Australia’s best bloodstock journalists. 

Chronicles of Les Young’s articles and stories are being uploaded onto a library on this TBNSW website shortly, archiving a wealth of knowledge to inspire you to write about the horses and people who make you love our wonderful industry.


To submit your article, please email or contact our office for more details (02) 5504 3818.


Here's just a few of Les's Articles CLICK HERE keep checking back on our website for the launch of the Les Young Writers' Library coming soon....


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