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Breeders encouraged to use commercial transport services to NSW for walk-ons

With the 2020 covering season only a week away, we are all grateful the Australian thoroughbred breeding industry is operating fairly consistently.

We are also thankful our mares are currently still able to travel across borders during the breeding season.

With this in mind, Thoroughbred Breeders’ NSW wants to encourage the use of professional equine transporters for interstate mare movements, ensuring we can continue to operate safely and help stop the spread of COVID-19.

At present it is still possible to obtain individual travel permits, however there is no guarantee that the rapidly evolving regulations won’t change. It makes sense for breeders and business operators to avoid any chance of an unexpected quarantine or a heavy fine when crossing borders.

Should you choose to transport your own horses please plan ahead and check the most current NSW Government regulation link for interstate updates and for travelling within NSW, most importantly please confirm the COVID safety plan of the stud farm you plan to send your mare to.

In addition to border entry permits, the state government has advised you will need a COVID Safety Plan. You can download a simple template from the link below: NSW Government COVID Safety Plan - Agriculture

While NSW studs are adhering to government regulations and the guidelines, we highly recommend for the health and safety of all involved that the interstate transport of mares is carried out by reputable equine transport companies.

Our selected partner, Goldners Transport has a no-contact policy between interstate drivers and having depots in NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland, trailers are easily and safely exchanged at the borders. On the back of university studies on equine health and well-being during transport, Goldners fleet of new and updated trucks are fitted with the most sophisticated safety measures, providing the best-practice for the movement of all horses (particularly mares and foals). For more information about Goldners interstate transport services please contact, for insurance requirements during transport please contact HQ Insurance.

We applaud the stud farms in NSW for also encouraging this recommendation, having implemented strict COVID-19 protocols from the onset and working together to ensure our states breeding industry remains operational. We also thank those farms offering reduced short-term agistment rates for mares requiring interstate transport services this season.

As per the previous email on August 11, Thoroughbred Breeders’ Australia’s protocols were developed to assist breeders at their properties to plan for the coming months. For best practice guideline on-farm please send out this or your farms COVID plan information to your clients.

Walk-On Guidelines:

  1. All forms must be completed beforehand and preferably sent electronically.
  2. Hand sanitiser must be provided and used by all visitors.
  3. Studs to keep records of all people visiting their properties including those walking-on mares (this can be done electronically or via a paper record).
  4. People walking-on mares should aim to be contactless or at the minimum limit their contact with stallion farm staff.
  5. Stallion farms may ask those coming with a walk-on mare to remain in the vehicle and have their staff unload and handle the mare. In which case, you must ensure the use of Personal Protective Equipment (masks) and ensure the sanitation of equipment and handles on the truck/trailer.
  6. Alternately, farms may ask those coming with mares to unload the mare and put her in a stable or walk-in yard and remove the head collar.
  7. Where possible farms should set aside a toilet for visitors-only use.

Included below are the COVID Industry Guidelines produced earlier this year. Although the situation has evolved significantly over the past few months, there is still plenty of relevant information in the document and we hope it provides a handy refresher. 

Click on the image below to read: 

“The message from state governments has been very clear, that breeding is an essential activity and moving a mare between states to be covered is also an essential operational activity,” says TBA chief executive, Tom Reilly.

“But I would urge breeders, especially if they are moving horses themselves, to look at the application process for the permit they will need, to travel and return from interstate.”

The guidelines above are recommendations only and given the rapidly changing situation, the consideration of using specialised transport services should be considered as the best practice for this year’s breeding season.
This ensures the NSW thoroughbred breeding industry is taking all precautions to keep our industry thriving during these uncertain times. To find out more: NSW Border Restrictions - What You Can And Can't Do

A full list of all stallions standing in the New South Wales can be viewed on our website

We hope this information helps keep your stud staff and yourselves healthy and safe during the current breeding season.


Stuart Lamont - President Thoroughbred Breeders NSW


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