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COVID-19 Walk-On Guidelines


Thoroughbred Breeders Australia have developed a set of protocols to assist breeders as they plan for the coming months. 

These guidelines are recommendations only and given the rapidly changing situation these may need to be revised in light of future developments.

It is also important to follow any directions given by public health officials. 

COVID-19 Walk-On Guidelines:

  1. All paperwork should be completed beforehand and sent electronically where possible.
  2. Stallion farms should keep a record of all people visiting their farm and walking on mares (this can be done electronically or via a paper record).
  3. Those walking on mares should limit their contact with stallion farm staff.
  4. Hand sanitiser should be provided and used by any visitor.
  5. Stallion farms may ask those coming with a walk on mare to remain in the vehicle and have their staff unload and handle the mare. In which case, all handles on the truck should be sanitised.
  6. Alternatively, farms may ask those coming with mares to unload the mare and put her in a stable or walk in yard and remove the head collar.
  7. Where possible farms should set aside a toilet for the use of farm visitors.

The NSW Government has now officially listed the movement of mares as exempt from current border restrictions.

Click on the link below to read more: 
NSW Border Restrictions - What You Can And Can't Do

In addition to border entry permits, the Government has advised that you will also need a COVID Safety Plan. You can download a simple template from the link below: 
NSW Government COVID Safety Plan - Agriculture

Included below is the COVID Industry Guidelines produced earlier this year. Although the situation has evolved significantly over the past few months, there is still plenty of relevant information in the document and we hope it provides a handy refresher on how best to keep you and your staff healthy and safe during the busy period of the breeding season.

Click on the image below to read: 

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